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Dental Anesthesia of Nevada is dedicated to providing anesthesia services for your child’s dental care in the comfort of your child’s own familiar dental office where they feel most comfortable.  We take pride in making dental treatment more accessible to children who may otherwise be unable to cooperate for their dental care while making safety our first priority.  Whether your child struggles at the dentist’s office due to their young age, high anxiety, special needs, or extensive dental treatment, Dental Anesthesia of Nevada will give them a safe, positive dental experience that will help to alleviate fears over future dentist visits.

Bryan Horgan has worked with dentists throughout Northern Nevada to treat over 10,000 patients with cost-efficient, hospital-quality anesthesia with an excellent safety record in the comfort of their own dental office.  Please feel free to contact Dental Anesthesia of Nevada with questions or concerns over your child’s dental anesthesia needs at (775) 399-3947 or at


General anesthesia for children may be a great option, at any age, if your child requires a major dental procedure or may need multiple teeth treated at once. Some dental procedures that use sedation options require your child to be completely still, or the noise of the drill may be scary. Our goal at Dental Anesthesia of Nevada is to help decrease your child’s anxiety and make the experience less painful.


Many patients require additional consideration and accommodations to have dental work performed. At Dental Anesthesia of Nevada, we strive to make everyone as comfortable as possible to provide the best experience. For many patients with special needs and in good health, dental sedation is a great option to keep everyone feeling safe and worry-free.


At Dental Anesthesia of Nevada, we take pride in offering a wide range of sedation options. We understand that many patients are apprehensive about dental procedures, which may prevent you from receiving the care you need. Our sedation team can help you calmly and comfortably receive the treatment you need to get you smiling, again.